January 20, 2014

Sedgewink the Trader

January is a chance to start anew. I've been busy cleaning and de-cluttering, going through my library of books and donating some to the public library. I've slowly sorting through my rpg notes and files trying to forge the random scraps of paper and computer files into one easily accessible reference. Here is something I had shared before, maybe you might get some use out of it.


Sedgewink the Trader

Written on the side of his faded blue wagon in gilded lettering “L. Sedgewink, Esq. ~ Trader”

If upon your travels, you happen to come upon a faded blue wagon with a canopy of yellow stripes, and if you perchance happen to spy a wee little red faced man with a red conical hat perched upon his head, you'd best stop in for a visit for you have surely come across Sedgewink the Trader.

Sedgewink is a gnome of indeterminable age. His hair and beard are speckled with gray, leading one to believe he is middle aged. But there is a spring in his step and a twinkle in his blue eyes that could convince the observer otherwise.

His nature is quite affable...taking time in all that he does, asking questions of his customers and telling tales of the world around him. Sedgewink loves nothing more than a good yarn. The bigger the tale the better. All that meet this trader are sure to be entertained, so long as they enjoy a good story and have the patience to set awhile.

Sedgewink treats all customers with equal regard and respect--beggar or king, it is all the same to him. The jolly gnome is a grand host. He will always offer something to eat or drink...quite often "borrowing" a little of this or that from his visitors to round out the meal. He's always happy to make some of his famous mulled wine, that is if someone can lend him the wine and a pinch or two of whatever spices they may have. He has the teapot of course...

Sedgewink’s wagon is pulled by a horse of questionable pedigree. It is a sway backed old nag with a dappled gray coat which seems more molt than dapple. Sedgewink claims that the horse is an elven breed and that it once carried Lovastar the legendary fay mage into battle against the giants of the north. Sedgewink says the horse is called Campanii Electari which roughly translates from elvish as “lightning across the plains” but Sedgewick calls her Bolt. Whether true or not, the horse seems to take its fame in stride and spends its time resting on its laurels, eating from its fodder bag, or looking at visitors with disinterest.

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of Sedgewink is his business. He trades in all sorts of items--from the unique to the sundry. He is just as likely to have the sheet music from a popular Cormish opera as he is a stone crock of H'drossan mare's butter. That is the joy of encountering this amiable little fellow. One is never sure just what may be found. Sedgewink is sometimes difficult to find. He might be trading among the barbarian tribes of the Bern, setting up shop in the trade district of Wickersham, or haggling within the marbled merchant halls of Caspan.

His wagon is a jumble of all sorts of items ranging from seemingly useless junk to fine art. Sedgewink is a curious fellow always interested in acquiring unique items. He would much rather trade for some interesting item than bargain for gold or gem, although those will work in a pinch.

Sedgewink is not the least bit interested in the ‘butcher’s trade’ of monster skulls, hides, horns, and innards. “Keep that downwind of me...I’ve nothing to trade for that pile of putrefied offal.”

[In game terms, Sedgewink may offer some invaluable aid to the players. Whether it's information about a local legend, a clue, or some mundane piece of equipment which proves to later save the day, meeting with this trader can always prove useful.]

Here is a sample of the inventory Sedgewink may have (changes daily)...
  • A pair of bone cuff links from the lich-king Zaroland--these were used on the ocassion of his thirteenth wedding to Angnomia, the witch-queen of the Grovakian Highlands.
  • A rusty metal shield bearing the ancient symbol of Pendria--the scorch marks tell the probably fate of the wielder.
  • A bolt of blue silk spun by the famed weavers of the Isle of Salana--it is said that the silk worms weave their thread during the high moon of Palandria and only when the weavers sing the Song of Dior.
  • A trusty iron spike--used by the young squire of Sir Mandry to halt the descent of a spiked ceiling in the castle of Horvost the Mad.
  • A simple beeswax candle stub with the symbol of Theos upon it--this candle was once part of St. Anselm’s adventuring kit. It is believed to ward the user from the horrors of the undead while lit. Hmmm...it is only a stub of a candle, but I believe it could have an hour or so life left in it yet.
  • A crooked willow branch of four feet, give or take a couple inches, with a line, bobber, and hook--I believe that this was once used by Ol’ Derby Tupp, retired halfling adventurer. With it, he landed a catfish twice his size! My what a fry they had in the Shire that eve...
These and many more items can be had for the price of a great tale and some interesting item (but gold may work if necessary!)