December 24, 2016

Oh Crap! Crapping Goblins!

Dang! Who would think that a few goblins would give us so much trouble? Well, on the heels of the first successful foray in the Goblin Gully, our band of adventurers went once again into the ground.

Beckett and Carter, decided to bring two new recruits to the gobin hole while his previous companions went on errands for the group.

Kagu, a promising young sneak thief and Ealia, the wandering elven warrior joined Beckett and Carter to scout the gully.

Carter 'borrowed' the goblin bow and loaned it to Ealia. This proved to be the elf maiden's undoing. Who would've known that elves have such a hatred of goblins that their archery skills are devastated while using goblin weapons.

A lone lookout was sitting under the entrance to the gully. Ealia snuck within short range of the goblin lookout and then released a volley of arrows. All missed the goblin by a wide margin. The goblin returned fire, striking the elf twice and nearly ending her life.

The others rushed in to attack the lone sentry. His short, miserable goblin existence was made even short with the application of a stout cudgel.

Seeking more reward, the party lit a torch and moved into the tunnel at the base of the tree. They heard the sound of goblins arguing down below.

Looking into a lit room, they spy three goblins at the far end of a long chamber. They are gambling and arguing. Another goblin moves past the door way carrying a porcelain chamber pot. The PCs caught him in the midst of doing his business!

In the hope of redeeming herself, Ealia lets loose another volley of arrows, while Kagu fires on the three goblins at the end of the room using the short bow looted from the sentry. Kagu hit with both arrows killing a goblin instantly!

Ealia on the other hand missed horribly! Beckett rushed forward to dispatch the surprised goblin, but also missed!

The surprised goblin gathers his wits and throws the contents of his chamber pot at Beckett! He misses, but creates a horrible mess on the floor.

Ealia rushes to club the goblin but almost slips upon the unspeakable horror on the floor! Her rush to attack still does little good. She missed with her club. Carter moves forward a bit more carefully with club and torch in hand. He slips and falls in the goblin's mess! Oh, the horror!

Kagu, meanwhile, uses the columns to sneak towards the two goblins hiding behind an overturned table.

Seizing the moment, Kagu attempts to vault over the table to catch the goblins unaware. His attack falls short, and the goblins both plunge their wicked daggers into his body. Kagu has died!

The chamber pot goblin adds injury to insult (see what I did there?!) to Beckett by smashing the pot over his head, nearly braining him in the process. The goblin is finally dispatched by a well placed cudgel...not by the elven maiden though!

Angry with rage at the death of Kagu, Eialia rushes to confront the two goblins at the end of the room. She misses again with her attack and they fall upon her with their cruel blades. Another death! Ealia is dead.

Carter and Beckett kill one of the goblins and the other makes a fighting retreat to the next room.

Sensing the return of reinforcements, Carter and Beckett carry their fallen comrades out of the goblin hole, as a goblin fires an arrow at them.

The return to Ravendale is filled with regret. A deadly lesson was learned that day...and a sobering one at that. Even a goblin on the pot can be the start of your worst day.

[Goblin Gully is a free adventure by Dyson Logos...check it out here]


December 17, 2016

The Killing Blow

Tonight marks the start of a new sandbox for the Fatbeard Gamers. I was kicking around this idea for a little while and was not surprised to learn that the others want to do the same. What I proposed was to create a shared world and all of us can take turns as DM. The details are yet to be determined, but I could see each of us taking a cardinal direction of the map and adding in details for the others to explore. Commercial adventures and our own homebrew would be added. Tonight's adventure is using the new Swords and Wizardry Whitebox rules.

This gives me a sense of satisfaction compared to the usual roulette wheel of games we play. The biggest advantage would be in using the same setting. Our characters can have time to grow and interact with the setting and make see the changes they make on the world around them.

My goal is to start small and go from there. We can flesh out details as we go along. Tonight's adventure did just that. Perhaps the shortest adventure I've ever played, yet it will certainly be remembered. Here's what happened...

We started out in Merias's town of Ravendale. Each of us rolled up two characters. I wanted us to start out with nothing more than the clothes on our backs, so starting gold became starting coppers!

The characters in our adventure so far...

Beckett, a young farmer, who wanted to leave the fields and join the King's Guard. His father has forbade him from doing so. Beckett takes matters into his own hands and is set on earning gold and glory.

Carter, bastard son of a local tavern maid, has lived his life not knowing his father. He is naturally clever yet cautious and has been told by more than one passing merchant that an education is his way out of Ravendale.

Ciao [Ky-Oh] is the adventuresome son of halfling parents in a nearby shire. His parents are deeply disappointed that he doesn't want to be a swineherd like his father. They have become comfortable telling people he has died instead.

Ino [Ee-Noh] is a young wanderer from foreign lands. He looks foreign to the folks of Ravendale. He speaks with a heavy accent. Ino has strange scars on his wrists yet has no memory of his recent past. He remembers wandering inland from a port town and that is all.

The company know each other, growing up in the area around Ravendale. The thought of gaining a small pile of gold coins has prompted them to band together for adventure. Knowing that their inexperience would be a source of ridicule from the local mercenaries, they decide to speak with the alchemist at the Boiled Unicorn.

He takes pity on the group and offers them some advice. A nearby ravine contains a long abandoned outpost from the old empire. With some backbone and a little luck, fortune awaits. The alchemist said he would pay for any curious items they may bring back. To help them on their way, he gives Ciao a paper packet of dried ground peppers. Throwing it in the eyes of a foe may offer some aid.

Before leaving town, Ciao makes a stealthy search of the training grounds. He 'borrows' a practice shield. I doubt that it will be returned any time soon.

The walk to the ravine was uneventful. Ciao used caution in sneaking towards a large tree next to the gully. His halfling ability helped Ciao to sneak unseen right underneath the tree, where he spotted two humanoid creatures sitting in the branches. Ciao let out a shrill whistle in the hopes to hit one of them with a throwing stone. The whistle startled one of the humanoids, a goblin, so much so, that he fell out of the tree and broke his neck! The other goblin climbed out of the tree to give chase. Ciao tried to hit it with a rock but missed. The goblin gave chase but turned and fled as the other members of the company ran towards him. He crawled into a small opening at the base of the tree.

Ino took a quick peek down the hole and saw a crude stairway into the darkness. The company lacking torches, decided to search the goblin and regroup. They came away with some crude leather armor suitable in size for Ciao, the halfling. Also they gained a black bladed curved dagger, a goblin bow, five crude arrows, and a small sack of 8 silver coins.

All in all, a good start. This was the first time I had witnessed a goblin death by whistle! One for the record books, I'm sure.

I look forward to the continued adventures of the new company.

February 23, 2016

Simple Weather Generator

I was trying to come up with some playable weather gen rules with my son the other evening and made some simple rules, but still more complicated than need be. I then simplified them even more. I don't know how realistic this may be, but I think it can help generate some interesting variations in weather on the fly.

Roll 1d6
1 or 2 = worse weather 
3 or 4 = average weather
5 or 6 = better weather

If worse weather, roll 1d6
1=light rain/snow
2=moderate rain/snow
3=heavy rain/snow

For my campaign world, I will create some average temperatures for the different locations. This will give me an idea of how worse or better weather can be in terms of temperature. I will continue to play test this and see if it fits the bill.

February 08, 2016