February 23, 2016

Simple Weather Generator

I was trying to come up with some playable weather gen rules with my son the other evening and made some simple rules, but still more complicated than need be. I then simplified them even more. I don't know how realistic this may be, but I think it can help generate some interesting variations in weather on the fly.

Roll 1d6
1 or 2 = worse weather 
3 or 4 = average weather
5 or 6 = better weather

If worse weather, roll 1d6
1=light rain/snow
2=moderate rain/snow
3=heavy rain/snow

For my campaign world, I will create some average temperatures for the different locations. This will give me an idea of how worse or better weather can be in terms of temperature. I will continue to play test this and see if it fits the bill.

February 08, 2016