December 24, 2016

Oh Crap! Crapping Goblins!

Dang! Who would think that a few goblins would give us so much trouble? Well, on the heels of the first successful foray in the Goblin Gully, our band of adventurers went once again into the ground.

Beckett and Carter, decided to bring two new recruits to the gobin hole while his previous companions went on errands for the group.

Kagu, a promising young sneak thief and Ealia, the wandering elven warrior joined Beckett and Carter to scout the gully.

Carter 'borrowed' the goblin bow and loaned it to Ealia. This proved to be the elf maiden's undoing. Who would've known that elves have such a hatred of goblins that their archery skills are devastated while using goblin weapons.

A lone lookout was sitting under the entrance to the gully. Ealia snuck within short range of the goblin lookout and then released a volley of arrows. All missed the goblin by a wide margin. The goblin returned fire, striking the elf twice and nearly ending her life.

The others rushed in to attack the lone sentry. His short, miserable goblin existence was made even short with the application of a stout cudgel.

Seeking more reward, the party lit a torch and moved into the tunnel at the base of the tree. They heard the sound of goblins arguing down below.

Looking into a lit room, they spy three goblins at the far end of a long chamber. They are gambling and arguing. Another goblin moves past the door way carrying a porcelain chamber pot. The PCs caught him in the midst of doing his business!

In the hope of redeeming herself, Ealia lets loose another volley of arrows, while Kagu fires on the three goblins at the end of the room using the short bow looted from the sentry. Kagu hit with both arrows killing a goblin instantly!

Ealia on the other hand missed horribly! Beckett rushed forward to dispatch the surprised goblin, but also missed!

The surprised goblin gathers his wits and throws the contents of his chamber pot at Beckett! He misses, but creates a horrible mess on the floor.

Ealia rushes to club the goblin but almost slips upon the unspeakable horror on the floor! Her rush to attack still does little good. She missed with her club. Carter moves forward a bit more carefully with club and torch in hand. He slips and falls in the goblin's mess! Oh, the horror!

Kagu, meanwhile, uses the columns to sneak towards the two goblins hiding behind an overturned table.

Seizing the moment, Kagu attempts to vault over the table to catch the goblins unaware. His attack falls short, and the goblins both plunge their wicked daggers into his body. Kagu has died!

The chamber pot goblin adds injury to insult (see what I did there?!) to Beckett by smashing the pot over his head, nearly braining him in the process. The goblin is finally dispatched by a well placed cudgel...not by the elven maiden though!

Angry with rage at the death of Kagu, Eialia rushes to confront the two goblins at the end of the room. She misses again with her attack and they fall upon her with their cruel blades. Another death! Ealia is dead.

Carter and Beckett kill one of the goblins and the other makes a fighting retreat to the next room.

Sensing the return of reinforcements, Carter and Beckett carry their fallen comrades out of the goblin hole, as a goblin fires an arrow at them.

The return to Ravendale is filled with regret. A deadly lesson was learned that day...and a sobering one at that. Even a goblin on the pot can be the start of your worst day.

[Goblin Gully is a free adventure by Dyson Logos...check it out here]