Pendria Campaign Setting


The Pendria campaign world is my world, created as a backdrop to my Labyrinth Lord campaign and adventures that I've written.


Survivors of the Great Reckoning crawled from the ruins of the Pendrian empire to build a new kingdom. The people of Cormandy are a mixture of Pedrian blood and the wild hillmen of the north called the Bern.
Cormandy is a collection of feudal holdings that swear allegiance to the king. The king’s current goal is to strengthen ties to the barbarians in the west and north and also form alliances with the elves and dwarves against a common foe--the City of Eternal Shadows.



The last remnant of the Pendrian empire is located on a rocky island just east of continent. It is here that the descendants of the empire cling to their ancestral roots. Pendrians have blood of the fey in them and often have innate magic.

The island is ruled by the High Regent, a noble who rules in place of the monarch. The people of Pendros believe that when a true heir and descendant of the King and Queen of Pendria is found, all the ills in the land will be removed. Many warriors of Pendros become questing knights in search of the Lost Heir.


This well defended nation isle is home to warrior women who lead a monastic life of discipline and martial training. Their weapon skills are superb. The Xanatos leave their homeland to seek out those wishing to join them. They do not raid nor take by force and oppose all those that do so, especially slavers.


Thanajur is a desert kingdom. The Thanajur are ruled by a despot claiming to be a god. Tribes of desert dwellers fight against the domination of this ruler. Thanajurians are slavers and slave owners. They are in fear and awe of their god-king. Those that dissent are punished by the militant-clerics. The desert dwellers disdain the god-king and are enemies of the state.

Canid Isle

This island is home of a race of humanoid canines.The Canids--one isolated island in the Bay of Pendria (Canid Isle) is home to a rare group of humanoids. The Canids are dog men with unknown origins.

Winged Folk--high amongst the cliffs of Canid Isle, the Zephyros, make their home. The winged-folk are human in all appearances but for a pair of long white wings. Legend has it that they are the offspring of angels who cannot find their way back to heaven.